Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UN team accuses Britain of 'violating international law' and compares us to China and Zimbabwe on extraordinary visit to Dale Farm travellers' camp

A UN adviser today compared the eviction of residents at Europe's largest illegal travellers' site to the plight of millions in Zimbabwe as he accused a council of 'violating international law'.

In an extraordinary visit to Dale Farm, in Essex, Professor Yves Cabannes claimed Basildon Council had broken human rights legislation in three ways.

Speaking outside one of the traveller's homes, with the UN flag hoisted behind him, the UN adviser for forced evictions also drew parallels with China and Nigeria - both notorious for human rights abuses.

He also said that it was the council, not the Dale Farm residents, who were 'abusing the law', despite the presence of 400 people on illegal plots at the site.

Those living at the site illegally are due to be evicted from Monday, but despite claims this will leave them homeless it was revealed today that one of the Dale Farm travellers is masterminding a multi-million-pound property development in Ireland. Read More

Note: I don't see any other country being accused of violating human right's, it is about time that our government grew up and took control of our systems which are obviously flawed and dictated too by Brussels , if they want to be accommodating to people breaking the law send them to Belgium.

Try using the 'Human Right's Act' if your not doing anything illegal or are in the wright.... see how far that gets you.