Thursday, September 22, 2011

Typhoon hits quake-ravaged regions, floods temporary housing community, Japan - 22nd Sept 2011

Powerful Typhoon No. 15 has caused major floods in temporary housing units here, bringing disaster once more to this city still suffering from the effects of the March 11 earthquake and ensuing nuclear disaster.

The fast-moving typhoon smashed into the Tohoku region late in the evening of Sept. 21, leaving two dead, several missing and affecting tens of thousands more as strong winds and heavy rain pounded the entire area.

Temporary housing units in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture, were flooded when the river running through the park hosting the units overflowed due to heavy rains. According to unit residents, at one point the water reached their waists.

At around 6:50 p.m. on the same evening an evacuation advisory was issued to all 58 households -- a total of 138 people -- residing in the units.

"We were just beginning to return to normal life and we had to evacuate again," one of the residents of the units said as they returned to clean the mud out of their temporary homes the morning after the storm.

The typhoon hit the temporary housing community only a day after residents from the city of Tamura -- one of the municipalities within the 20 kilometer no-go zone around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant -- were allowed to briefly return to their homes. Read More