Monday, September 5, 2011

Turkish hacker group diverts users away from high-profile websites Sites affected included the Telegraph and Betfair - 5th Sept 2011

A Turkish hacker group diverted traffic to a number of high-profile websites including the Telegraph, UPS, Betfair, Vodafone, National Geographic, computer-maker Acer and technology news site the Register on Sunday night, putting unwary users at risk of having passwords, emails and other details stolen.

Industry experts warned people not to log on to sites such as Betfair because their details could be stolen.

Some people viewing the sites thought that they had been hacked directly, with the sites appearing to show a message in Turkish by a group called Turk Guvenligi, which last month carried out a similar attack on a Korean company.

But in fact the sites themselves remained unaffected. The group had instead attacked the domain name system (DNS), which is used to route users to websites. A list of the sites affected by the hack, including Microsoft in Brazil and Dell in South Korea, was posted on the zone-h website, used by hackers to list their successes.

Alex Norcliffe, a software engineer with Umbraco, said that the changes meant "the domain names are totally out of control of the owners until they can get the registrar to change them back to their own nameservers." Norcliffe also pointed out that email sent to the sites while the hack was live would be diverted to the hackers' site. Read More