Monday, September 12, 2011

Travellers 'who kept, beat and starved slaves were organised crime ring running the family business': London, UK

A slavery ring which held 24 captives in appalling conditions at a travellers' camp was an organised crime group run by just one family, police believe.

Yesterday about 200 officers in a dawn raid stormed the site where two dozen men were being kept in dog kennels, horseboxes and filthy caravans.

Today, as the extraordinary details began to emerge about how vulnerable people were lured into the camp in Little Billington, near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, the youngest victim, a boy of only 17, was reunited with his family.

The vulnerable victims - some who were starving - had been lured from soup kitchens, benefit offices and hostels with promises of paid jobs and shelter. more