Monday, September 12, 2011

Tory fears of 'a new EU treaty in two years' as Eurosceptics demand power back from Brussels - 12th Sept 2011

George Osborne admitted last night that a new EU treaty is 'on the cards' within two years.

The Chancellor's remarks came as Eurosceptics prepared to demand fresh talks to claw back powers from Brussels.

They mean the Tories face the nightmarish prospect of a toxic debate about Britain's future in the EU in the run up to the next general election.

His comments also appear to be at odds with Prime Minister David Cameron's recent assertion that the current crisis in the eurozone was not likely to trigger a fresh EU treaty.

And in a sign of the growing Euroscepticism at the top of Tory ranks, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith yesterday backed the idea of demanding a new right for British MPs to block big European appointments.

The Chancellor, speaking on the fringes of the G7 summit of in Marseilles, poured fuel on the flames by indicating that talks are under way to draw up a fresh deal for the EU.

'It is on the cards that there may be treaty change imposed in the next year or two,' he said. 'This would be for the eurozone. This would be to further integrate the eurozone, to further strengthen fiscal integration now.

'There's a remorseless logic that leads from to monetary union to fiscal union. It's in Britain's interest that the eurozone is stable and one of the routes to making it more stable is to have more fiscal integration.' Read More