Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Dollar Drive / Weekly Announcements -- September 7, 2011 (New posts appear below until midnight)

Hello everyone,

1. September Dollar Drive: We're trying our very best to make our website financially self sufficient. We'd prefer to do it without any adverts if possible, but that requires the help of our readers. If you can spare just a dollar this month, please consider donating. Your money goes to a good cause, and helps us continue supporting the truth. We write a personal letter of thanks to every single person who donates. Please keep in mind that even a website powered by the love of truth can only last for song when it requires intensive labour. Click on the big banner above to learn more or to contribute your dollar!

2. August Dollar Drive results: We had a total of 17 donations, and were under 10% of our monthly goal. We donated $16.10 of that to the Red Cross in order to help out with the East African Famine. We give a heartfelt thanks to all the generous people who did donate.

3. Counterpoint articles! Sometimes we post things on The Coming Crisis and some readers have the impression that's "our stance" and the subject is settled. On the contrary! We often publish multiple researched pieces that cover more than one perspective, and on top of that, we're always willing to listen to the other side, even if we disagree. That means if you see something that you don't agree with, feel free to send us your own respectful and researched article and we'd be glad to post it with full credit to you after review.

4. Salesperson wanted to join The Coming Crisis team: Must be confident and self-motivated for this commission-based position. Contact us at

That's it for this week. Take care everyone!

-- Matt & Lynsey