Thursday, September 22, 2011

Second shark sighting in two days at the Busselton Jetty, Western Australia - 22nd Sept 2011

A LARGE shark, resembling the one seen yesterday, was spotted next to the Busselton Jetty this afternoon.

Estimates of both sightings have the shark as at least 4m long and speculation that it is a White Pointer. Today’s sighting again forced the closure of the beach around the jetty, which had been reopened just prior to noon.

Yesterday some crabbers found themselves staring at the head of the shark, which had grabbed one of their nets and surfaced in front of them with it in its jaws.

Today several people walking the jetty spotted a similar sized shark, described by some as “huge”, gliding in and out of the sea weed.

They were able to keep pace with it for about 30m as it swam leisurely in the shadow of the jetty, before disappearing into thick weed.

The news of the latest shark sighting comes just hours after the beaches had been reopened by the Busselton shire.

Beaches either side of the jetty were closed yesterday at around 5pm, until 11am today, after a large shark, believed to be a great white, was spotted in the area by a group of crab fishers.

They reported seeing the shark grab a crab net near a fishing platform on the jetty, around 200m out from shore, at around 3pm yesterday.

It was last seen about 80m from shore before disappearing.

The Shire of Busselton decided to close beaches in the area as a precaution, while the shark sighting was investigated by the Department of Fisheries. Read More