Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Robert Raecke "Silver skydiver", 60, detached chute at 8,000ft to kill himself after leaving a suicide note - 20th Sept 2011

Renowned: Robert Raecke carries an American Flag with him while jumping from an aeroplane at the Schenectady Airshow in 2001.

A veteran skydiver killed himself by shedding his parachute mid-air and freefalling 8,000 to his death.

Horrified bystanders watched as Robert Raecke, 60, hurtled to the ground on Sunday afternoon, after unbuckling his parachute above a New York field.

He had left a suicide note, police said, although the reason for him wanting to kill himself remains unclear.

His body was found in a New York field in the Saratoga County town of Northumberland, 35 miles north of Albany.

Mr Raecke, who was known as SeƱor, had skydived more than 9,000 times before and was an instructor at Saratoga Skydiving Adventures in Northumberland.

Saratoga County Sheriff's Investigator Rick Capasso said an investigation by the sheriff’s department concluded the death was a suicide. Read More