Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ria Ramkissoon 'Cult members made me starve my one-year-old boy': Mother speaks out for first time about killing of son after he refused to say 'amen'

A mother who starved her one-year-old son to death on the orders of a cult leader after he did not say 'amen' before a meal has said she was paralysed by fear and was 'crazy'.

Speaking for the first time, Ria Ramkissoon, who was 19 when her son died, said she wanted to save her son but was convinced she would be defying God's will if she did so.

The cult's leader, who called herself Queen Antoinette, had told Miss Ramkissoon that her 15-month-old son Javon Thompson needed to be starved as he was possessed by an evil spirit.

Miss Ramkissoon said that she thought she would be guaranteed eternal damnation if she did not follow Antoinette who cited the Bible as her authority.

'It's like it's somebody else's life, but it's not,' Miss Ramkissoon said in her first interview since Javon's death.

'That is my life, and those are the choices that I've made and those were the fears that I dealt with, no matter how ridiculous they may be to somebody else.'

The 19-year-old mother had been living with the woman for several months when her son did not say 'amen' before a meal one morning.

That word was one of the few Javon Thompson could not say at 15 months old, and Antoinette told Miss Ramkissoon not to feed him until he said it. Read More