Sunday, September 18, 2011

Report reveals S. Korea's psy-ops against N. Korea

South Korea's military operates giant trucks which print and send thousands of leaflets and transmit broadcasts as part of psychological warfare against North Korea, said a report disclosed Wednesday.

North Korea, which tightly controls news from outside, has responded angrily to past propaganda campaigns by the South's military or private groups and threatened to fire across the heavily fortified border to stop such campaigns.

Details of South Korea's military psychological operations (psy-ops) unit emerged in a defence ministry report to Song Young-Sun, a member of parliament's defence committee.

An aide to Song gave the report to AFP. The defence ministry declined comment to AFP, saying information on psychological warfare is confidential.

The South has five-ton trucks equipped with a satellite data receiver and a printer to publish up to 80,000 leaflets a day, and giant helium balloons to carry leaflets into its isolated communist neighbour, the report said. more