Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rebecca Zahau's Family demands reopening of case after rope used in hanging is not visible in video - 14th Sept 2011

The anguished family of Rebecca Zahau is hoping the sheriff's office will take another look at the case after the pink rope cops said she used to hang herself is not visible in a newly released video.

The department ruled the death of the woman found hanging at billionaire Jonah Shacknai's mansion a suicide on September 2. The body was found two days after her boyfriend's son died in her care.

But in an overhead video obtained by, the stills of which were posted on the site, the rope in police images that authorities said Miss Zahau used to kill herself is strangely not visible.

The 'pink rope' mystery is not the only reason for doubt. Last week, medical examiners revealed that she had blood on her inner thighs when her body was discovered.

The San Diego Sheriff's Department said they would be willing to reopen the case if a new lead came to light. The 32-year-old's family says this is such a lead.

Miss Zahau's family, who strongly denies she killed herself, has hired high-profile lawyer Anne Bremner to push for a reexamination of the case.

Ms Bremner said: 'This is another reason to reopen the case. The fact that the door is closed and the rope isn't there raises more questions in the investigation where they incorrectly found Rebecca's death to be a suicide.

She added: 'There are more questions raised everyday and it is startling - assuming that the police made these changes after they arrived at the scene - then why is her body still on the ground if they were collecting evidence?' Read More