Monday, September 12, 2011

Radioactive material scare at Travis Air Force Base leave many on high alert - 12th Sept 2011

Security teams at the Travis Air Force Base investigated a truck containing low-level radioactive material on Sunday night.

The truck containing a shipment for the hospital beside the base arrived at the main gate at late afternoon and set off a radiation monitor.

The security team determined the truck to be carrying small amounts of radioactive materials and took precautionary measures to investigate.

The contents were determined to be authorized medical supplies and the area was declared safe.

Residents on the base were asked to stay away from the vehicle and gate while crews investigated.

It made for more than six hours of inconvenience for some people who got stranded next to the base when the area was sealed off.

"We were getting ready to leave and then we see all these lights over by the airbase and then we were told we couldn't leave. My girlfriend had called an hour (before) and said she was coming to join us and that the roads were blocked and she couldn't come in. 9-11, today, of all days," said Suisun City resident Catherine Kelly, who was watching a football game at a bar near the base entrance.

The base closed the main gate and surrounding roads as their standard protocol for this type of an incident.

At no time was there a hazard to Travis personnel, according to a base spokesperson. Source