Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'Obama is the Antichrist': Heckler in bizarre rant as President completes string of West Coast fundraisers - 27th Sept 2011

A bizarre heckler labelled President Obama 'the antichrist' before he was dragged out of a California fundraiser by Secret Service agents.

The man had positioned himself at the front of the stage at the House of Blues in Los Angeles last night and began shouting loudly as soon as Mr Obama started talking.

Identified by the Secret Service as David Serrano, the heckler began shouting 'Jesus Christ is God and a Christian God' as the audience booed him.

The President stopped talking, but the man was drowned out by the 800-strong crowd as they chanted 'Four more years! Four more years!.

As he was taken out by agents he then yelled: 'Jesus Christ is God! Barack Obama is the Antichrist!'

Serrano was questioned, but later released without charge.

Mr Obama then continued with his speech, but was later interrupted by another heckler, who shouted: 'Don't forget medical marijuana!'

He responded: 'Thank you for that.'

Tony Bell, a spokesman for Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, said Mr Serrano had been a regular at county meetings and often gave long, rambling religious statements.

He told the New York Times: 'He yells out his statements, which are very mistaken, odd interpretations of scriptures. Read More