Friday, September 9, 2011

Mystery of the lavish Florida home linked to 9/11 terrorists - and why the FBI didn't tell Congressional committee about it - 8th Sept 2011

It's a sprawling piece of real estate with a dark secret: It may have been a haven for bloodthirsty terrorists.

The sudden disappearance of the home’s Saudi residents before September 11 prompted calls to authorities, who found links to those who orchestrated the horrific attacks of that morning.

Days before the tenth anniversary of the worst terror strike on American soil, new light is being shed on the home, and its ties to the tragedy.

The Miami Herald reported the home was owned at the time by Esam Ghazzawi, a financier and interior designer, and his wife Deborah.

Also living at the opulent house was Abdulazzi al-Hiijjii and his wife Anoud, Ghazzawi’s daughter. The home was sold in 2003.

Days before September 11, 2001, the Saudi family and their small children hurriedly vacated in a white van, leaving brand new cars in the garage, a fridge full of food and closets filled with clothes.

Their sudden departure irked Larry Berberich, senior administrator and security officer of the gated community, who reported the exodus.

Ironically, Mr Berberich, an advisor to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, was with the group that received President Bush during his visit to the school where he was famously told of the terror attacks on the morning of September 11.

That same morning, neighbour Patrick Gallagher emailed the FBI to report what he felt was suspicious behaviour by the family. Read More