Monday, September 12, 2011

'Mummy wants me dead': Five children sent back to 'horrific' family home after judge duped by parents - 12th Sept 2011

Five children were sent back to a ‘horrific’ home life after a top judge was duped by their violent parents.

Mr Justice Mostyn admitted he was ‘comprehensively and deliberately misled’ last summer, when he returned the children to their abusive family in Birmingham.

They have now been taken into care and will never go back to their childhood home.

One of the boys told his teachers, ‘Mummy hates me, she wants me dead,’ after a red mark was spotted on his neck from where his mother had assaulted him.

The children, who were exposed to regular acts of serious domestic violence, were taken back into care at the end of last year after their father went to the police.

Last summer, after a 10-day hearing, the judge had criticised Birmingham City Council for subjecting the family to 'intrusive surveillance' and twice removing the children with the assistance of police.

Describing the father as an 'excellent witness', the mother's testimony as 'very moving"' and both of them as 'truthful', he ordered the return of five of their six children, the youngest still a toddler, to the family home.

A year later, he has now told the High Court Family Division: 'I have to say that I was comprehensively and deliberately misled by the parents'.

The judge said social workers had been right all along about the family and new evidence had revealed the couple's 'exceptionally conflicted' relationship. Read More