Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moscow tells UK "We'll share our anti-terror secrets" ahead of Cameron visit - 10th Sept 2011

Russia is to offer to share its security secrets with Britain – but will rebuff demands to extradite the chief suspect in the radiation murder of a dissident in London.

The revelations were made by Moscow’s ambassador Alexander Yakovenko in highly unusual public remarks ahead of a visit to the Russian capital by David Cameron next week.

He insisted the Kremlin would not agree to send Andrei Lugavoy, prime suspect in the 2006 murder of dissident Alexander Litvinenko, for trial in Britain as Scotland Yard has demanded.

Mr Litvinenko, a British citizen and critic of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, was poisoned with a radioactive isotope,polonium-210.

Mr Cameron’s decision to visit Russia has caused some surprise, since Moscow has refused to budge over the extradition of Lugavoy, an ex-KGB agent.

Despite the hard line on Lugavoy, the ambassador revealed that Russia was prepared to reopen intelligence sharing with Britain in the fight against terrorism. Read More