Monday, September 5, 2011

Moment EDL bus is attacked by dozens of Asian men hurling bricks and traffic cones after breaking down as it returned from London rally

A coachload of English Defence League supporters were attacked by around 100 Asian youths with missiles when their bus broke down in Tower Hamlets, East London, on its return from a violent rally.

The yellow, red and black bus, carrying around 44 EDL members, was showered with stones as angry teenagers threw traffic cones and bricks, shattering the windows of the bus.

A video on YouTube shows the coach, in Mile End Road, being surrounded with protesters, who scream at the members and throw things at them.

The YouTube footage shows a two-minute film of a group racing towards the bus and then launching whatever they can find.

Police arrested all 44 EDL supporters, who had been involved in the protest in Aldgate, East London, earlier on Saturday.

Officers escorted the members onto a double-decker bus to evacuate them. Read More