Monday, September 26, 2011

Mass Grave with 1,300 bodies from notorious 1996 Libyan prison massacre discovered by revolutionary forces...hmm are you sure?

The full horror of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi's ruthless regime came to light yesterday - after a mass grave containing the bodies of 1,270 prisoners of the former dictator was unearthed.

The human remains - found in a desert field outside the notorious Abu Salim Prison in Tripoli - are believed to be those of prisoners massacred by Gaddafi's henchmen in 1996. Gaddafi gave the order for the mass execution after inmates complained about conditions at the prison.

Authorities were able to uncover the site after interrogating former prison security guards captured during the rebel takeover last month. Read More

Note: Ok this is a horrific find, but are the details 100% accurate, you can call me insensitive or callous but doesn't Libya have a death sentence? field next to the Prison, could this not be a grave yard?

Think of all the mass graves that are discovered around the world nothing is done about it, plenty is said though, what makes Libya so special?

What about all the people that are being slaughtered daily in Syria, Yemen, Ivory Coast do they not matter? when we see mass graves of men, woman and children recently slaughtered do they not deserve to be protected?

Instead we get 2 days of headlines about a supposed mass grave from 1996 of prisoners, in a country that has the death penalty, and at the time was backed by most of the Western leaders, did they not think it important enough to protect the people back then? what changed?

I am all for ousting tyrants, but propaganda is coming from all angles and many things are not adding up.