Monday, September 12, 2011

Lord Hanningfield released from prison after serving just a quarter of his sentence for falsely claiming almost £14,000- 12th Sept 2011

The 70-year-old former frontbencher falsely claimed almost £14,000 for overnight accommodation in London, when on most nights he was returning home to his bungalow, less than 50 miles away from the capital.

He was jailed in July for nine months but on Monday it emerged he has been been released under curfew after serving a quarter of his sentence. He was freed on an early release scheme from the minimum security prison Stanford Hill in Kent.

The peer, who has since grown a beard, has been seen walking around his home village of West Hanningfield, Essex. He has also been electronically tagged.

Ministry of Justice sources confirmed to The Daily Telegraph that he had been released. It is understood he was released last week.

During his eight-day trial the jury were told that on one occasion when he had claimed expenses for accommodation he was actually on a flight to India. Source