Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lake created by typhoon in Tochigi lures tourists, Japan - 18th Sept 2011

A lake created by heavy rainfall from Typhoon No. 12 has grabbed the attention of visitors here.

The lake formed over the Odashirogahara marshland in the Okunikko region of Tochigi Prefecture following six days of continuous heavy rainfall caused by Typhoon No. 12, which pounded Japan from the end of August through early September. An estimated 863 millimeters rain fell over the region over the six days through Sept. 5.

The lake, which measures about 200 meters by 150 meters, reflects the Nikko Mountains on calm days, and has become popular among visitors to the area.

According to Nikko Natural Science Museum representatives, a similar phenomenon occurred four years ago, and the lake is expected to remain for some time.

"We'll be able to see it for about a month," a museum worker said. Source