Sunday, September 18, 2011

Killer bees are getting even angrier, say experts, as hive of 250,000 is discovered - 17th Sept 2011

They are famed as being the angriest insects in the animal kingdom.

But now experts believe killer bees have gotten even more furious in 2011.

Reed Booth, who calls himself the Killer Bee Guy and works with sheriffs' offices and fire departments to remove hives, had to this week take out a 200lb hive holding 250,000 killer bees on a farm in Bisbee, Arizona.

The bees killed a 1,000lb hog and sent a pregnant 800lb sow into a coma, leaving all her piglets dead.

'This is the worst I've seen in 10 years,' Booth told KOLD-TV. ‘They're much ornier this year for some reason.'

The massive find came after man in Wilhoit, Arizona, died following a bee attack and hives of 100lbs or more were discovered in homes in Phoenix.

Speaking on the Bisbee incident after he had removed the hive, Mr Booth said: 'A thousand-pound pig is a huge thing. I'm kinda surprised that they did kill it.' Read More