Friday, September 9, 2011

Grab Your 'Murse,' Pack a 'Mankini' And Don't Forget the 'Mewelry': How men are slowly being transformed into women (Deliberate pacification?)

The fashion industry has its knickers in a twist over "manties."

A contraction of "man" and "panties," the wordplay is meant to describe certain undergarments for males.

It's part of a special lexicon that has emerged, over the past decade, as a sort of shorthand for men's fashion. Men can also wear "mandals" (male sandals), "murses" (purses), "mantyhose" (pantyhose) and "mankinis" (swimsuit variants)—though not necessarily all at the same time.

At first, the neologisms were a kind of secret language among the fashion industry, etymologists say. Yet they're going mainstream. Now, editors of the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary are tracking them for possible inclusion.

The men's collection shows at New York Fashion Week, which kicks off Thursday, could give rise to more neologisms. Fashion editors often lack the words to describe wacky runway concoctions.

At Herm├Ęs' women's fashion collection in March, for example, "poots" was coined to identify a pair of leather pants that segue into boots.

But not everyone is thrilled about the emerging vocabulary. Some fashion types complain that it's emasculating.

"Manties is pretty high on the repellent meter," says Glenn O'Brien, author of "How To Be A Man" and a style advice columnist at GQ magazine. more