Monday, September 19, 2011

Fake pilot causes major security scare after trying to go air-side at airport... but it was all a TV stunt and now faces a year in jail - 19th Sept

A man posing as a pilot caused a major security scare when he tried to enter a restricted part of an international airport - and then ran off when questioned.

Police issued grainy footage of the fake flyer, who escaped from New Zealand's Auckland Airport alongside two shady looking accomplices, on Saturday afternoon.

But the fictitious threesome were not terrorists looking to cause carnage as the country hosts the Rugby World Cup - but a team of television producers working on an elaborate prank.

Unfortunately for them, it looks like their stunt has spectacularly backfired as they face being sent to jail - and have been dubbed 'clowns' by the country's Prime Minister.

Ben Boyce, the face of the show and believed to be the phony pilot, said in a statement: 'I'm so sorry for all the trouble this has caused. Read More