Saturday, September 10, 2011

Extreme Weather Alert Netherlands, 800 Lightning Strikes recorded in just 5 min CODE ORANGE is in AFFECT - 10th Sept 2011

The KNMI on Saturday night around eight thirty a code orange for was set in Place. Severe thunderstorms ear announced for the provinces of Zeeland, North Brabant and South Holland.

These provinces have suffered from''very heavy Saturday evening showers,''said a spokesman.

The clouds are from Zeeland in the country. At half past eight, 800 Lightning Strikes where recorded in just 5 minutes throughout three provinces.

A spokesman for Weather Information in Zeeland, where the storm erupted around 20.00, "a spectacle in progress".


Chances are that the alarm will stay during the night as the Storm expands into the province of Utrecht. Code orange means that there is great danger due to extreme weather.

KNMI encourages everyone keep an eye on the weather reports. Those who do not necessarily need to go outdoors, might better stay home, said a spokesman. Source