Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Economic Recovery Failed Us: Food Shortages, High Unemployment Rates, 43.6 Million On Food Stamps

Food shortages, unemployment, 43 million on food stamps… and they say we are in a recovery period? People, it is just beginning.

In, Now is the Time to Redouble Your Families Preparedness Efforts an article written for SHTF Plan, I urged readers to begin preparing for harder times. Despite, sneers and snickers by disbelieving friends and family members, many of us continue to press on with our preparedness efforts. We see the signs and know that hard times are on the horizon.

In the above mentioned article, economic signs of a failing economy were discussed, and instead of acceptance of the problem at hand, many citizens turned a blind eye because they did not want to end their complacent existence.

Our terminally ill economy is just another symptom of the much larger problem that looms in the distance. We have all heard whispers of a global food crisis. In fact, in the past 3 months food prices such as wheat, sugar, and coffee have all increased exponentially due to failed crop seasons and the monetary stimulus being pumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve. These symptoms that have reared their ugly heads are the beginning of the end – the end of the carefree American existence and the birth (and reality) of harder times…

You must begin preparing for your family’s future. Investing in hard assets such as sugar, flour, silver will sustain a family in times when they may need it the most. Start researching to understand the basic premise of preparing for disasters. Most American households are feeling the effects of the Great Recession… ahem Depression. A large percentage of households are already living below poverty line, and more are to follow… more