Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dr David Scratchley Notable child psychologist and Suspected Pedophile jailed in attempted rape case of boy, 10 - 6th Sept 2011

A notable child psychologist is being held without bail amid accusations he tried to rape a 10-year-old boy.

Dr David Scratchley, Clinical Director of the Matt Talbot Center in Belltown, Washington, was booked into King County Jail early on Friday.

Investigators said a witness alerted officers that Scratchley, 52, invited her over 'so they could both sexually assault a child'.

The witness, who was not named, said she had met Scratchley in drug treatment and had been in a sexual relationship with him for two years, according to The Seattle Times.

She said that during that time they used crack cocaine, and Scratchley shared sexual fantasies with her involving minors, and confided he had sexually abused children in the past.

Seattle police Sergeant Sean Whitcomb told the Times police were called to the man's home at approximately 3:30pm on Thursday after the woman alerted authorities.

Scratchley had reportedly sent the 10-year-old boy downstairs to meet the witness. Police later arrested him in front of the building.

Police searched the residence and found pornography that appeared to depict minors, and what was suspected to be cocaine, according to an affidavit. Read More