Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daniel Morgan a Navy medic 'wrote note claiming he planted bombs at school', sparking huge evacuation - 8th Sept 2011

A Navy medic who went AWOL and left a note saying he had planted bombs at a San Clemente high school has turned himself in.

22-year-old Daniel Morgan surrendered Wednesday afternoon at the military base, authorities say. Camp Pendleton Master Sgt. Mark Oliva said Morgan was being interviewed and could face a military charge of unauthorised absence after failing to report to duty Wednesday morning.

The bomb threat had earlier forced the evacuation of thousands of students and staff on the first day of school. Bomb squads did not find any explosives on an initial sweep but are continuing to search the large campus.

Bomb squads and bomb-sniffing dogs from the military and several law enforcement agencies swept the field before opening it to students.

The search moved inside. As the gymnasium, auditorium and other rooms were cleared, the students were taken into the air-conditioned rooms.

Officials didn't immediately know what connection there might be between the medic and San Clemente High School. One of the gates to the sprawling military base is just a couple of miles from the school. Read More