Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dale Farm travellers finally start to move on (only to set up a new illegal site in a public park just 50 miles down the road in Luton) - 21st Sept

Caravans from the Dale Farm travellers' site have upped sticks and set up an illegal camp 55 miles away leading residents to fear that many more are on their way.

Around 20 families have moved from Essex to Stockwood Park, close to Luton in Bedfordshire, after gaining access to a 100-hectare piece of land.

Those who stayed at Dale Farm, where travellers have been in a ten-year battle with Basildon Council, were given a last-minute reprieve from the High Court after a judge ruled that the proposed measures ‘may go further’ than the terms of the enforcement notices.

One of the travellers at the site said there were another 40 caravans on their way as people in Luton feared there would be a similar situation to that in Essex.

Although travellers own the Essex site near Basildon they only have planning consent for half the site. However, the whole area is strewn with mobile homes and they have been in a battle with the local council for the last ten years.

The Luton site is described as an 'athletics track' and 'riding centre'. Nearby there are golf and rugby clubs, and a children's playground. Read More