Monday, September 19, 2011

Dale Farm Stand-Off As Bailiffs Move In - 19th Sept 2011

A tense stand-off is developing at the UK's biggest illegal travellers' camp as activists barricade themselves inside and bailiffs prepare to enter by force.

Residents at Dale Farm in Basildon, Essex, and their supporters are to be evicted after losing a decade-long legal fight over unauthorised development.

Bailiffs have arrived at the site to begin ejecting them from one half of the six-acre site, a former scrapyard.

Basildon Council has confirmed the team will enter the site later today.

Riot-trained police are also at the scene to ensure the eviction of some 50 homes is conducted peacefully. Pitches on the legal side of the site will be allowed to remain.

Travellers' representatives requested a meeting with council officials earlier to ask for a delay, but this was declined. Read More