Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Concord's Trinity Baptist Church BANISHED and forced a teenager apologise to her entire congregation for getting Pregnant due to being raped

A teenage churchgoer raped by a fellow believer and humiliatingly forced to apologise to her entire congregation for getting pregnant finally has finally received justice.

Her attacker Ernest Willis was jailed on Tuesday for a minimum of 15 years for twice raping Tina Anderson in 1997.

Anderson, who has waived her legal right to anonymity, was then 'banished' by church leaders to another state more than 2,000 miles away and forced to give her daughter up for adoption. She was 15 at the time.

Fifty-two-year-old Ernest Willis of Gilford apologised on Tuesday saying he was 'sorry and ashamed for this thoughtless act of sexual misconduct.'
But he did not admit to forcibly raping the teenager.

Miss Anderson, now 29, told The Associated Press she felt vindicated.
She said she was never really believed that the sex was not consensual until a court found him guilty.

The teen was forced to face hundreds of churchgoers at Concord's Trinity Baptist Church and say sorry for getting pregnant.

She said: 'I felt completely humiliated. I felt like my life was over.'

The then-pastor of the New Hampshire church, Chuck Phelps, arranged for her to move in with a Baptist family in Colorado and place her infant daughter up for adoption.

She said she believed 'for years' what the church leaders had told her which was: 'The rapes were her fault and she must learn to forgive and forget.' Read More