Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Children filmed in 'disturbing cage fight'

Children as young as eight have been filmed "cage fighting" in footage medical experts have called "disturbing".

The video of the bout, which lasted 10 minutes and featured a scantily clad ring girl parading between rounds, was taken of a sold-out ticket-only event at Greenlands Labour Club in Preston, Lancs.

At one point, one of the young boys featured appears to be crying, and paramedics are brought into the ring to assess the youngsters, who were not wearing head gear or padding.

The packed crowd can be heard whooping as the two children wrestle each other in headlocks on the floor of the cage, while others can be heard cheering their names in encouragement.

In one of the last bouts the smaller looking boy is repeatedly kicked in the head while his arm is twisted by the other young competitor. more