Thursday, September 8, 2011

Broome County: 10,000 Expected To Be Evacuated due to Flooding - 7th Sept 2011

Broome County and City of Binghamton are working on mandatory evacuations along parts of South Side, East Side and Downtown around river areas.

Broome Emergency Services expects water to rise 1 foot higher than 2006.

That will breach the flood walls.

It could get worse if flood walls break.

Broome County advises if you can get out, get out now. It expects to evacuate 10,000 people countywide.

BC Transit Buses, School Buses and Blue Buses will be taking people out of areas.

Hop on any one and they will take you to a shelter or evacuation area.

If you have a car you can drive out, go to the Binghamton Regional Airport Road and buses will take them to an evacuation site.

You can find all emergency information on city website, or Broome County website at Source