Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black Widow gang seduced men then 'murdered them for life insurance payouts' - 15th Sept 2011

Police in Colombia have smashed a gang of 'black widows' suspected of arranging marriages with men they murdered for their life insurance.

The gang preyed on poor men, promising to take them out of the country if they married one of the group’s women.

Two victims were found drowned in reservoirs and a third was allegedly shot dead by his new wife's accomplices after she tried to push him off a cliff during their honeymoon.

Months after the body of one man was pulled from a reservoir his 18-year-old former wife claimed an $83,000 life insurance payout.

Detectives said the men were tricked into marrying their young brides and taking out life insurance policies worth between $50,000 and $445,000.The women promised the men that they would have better lives abroad. Read More