Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bags of dead geese discovered in Cardinal, Canada - 22nd Sept 2011

Who stuffed a large quantity of dead Canada geese into a pair of giant garbage bags? Why did they do it? And why were these dead birds left to rot in an area near a local playground?

These are but a few of the questions residents here are asking after the grizzly discovery of a mass of maggot-infested geese in the vicinity of the community pool on Dishaw Street.

Mark Murray, who lives on Dodge Street in the village, said he was alerted by a friend on Monday to the presence of two suspicious-looking bags of rotting animals sitting on the grass near the park.

"I was at home here and a fellow dropped by and told me he believed there were two bags of dead dogs out in the park area across from the large apartment complex on Dishaw Street," Murray recounted to The Recorder and Times on Wednesday.

"He was walking with his dogs and he just could see some fur through one of the bags that was ripped open."

Murray said his pal estimated the bags had been there for about three days and "stunk very badly." But there was another report to follow, as another friend stopped by and told him there were two bags of "something" at the site and estimated they had been there for as long as four days.

Compounding Murray's puzzlement at how the bags could have remained in a public place for so long without being investigated was the fact there has been some road maintenance going on recently in the area.

"There have been large work crews cleaning up the road, tearing up the road, what have you," he said. "How they could not smell this? I've got no idea." Read More