Saturday, September 10, 2011

Albanian spy chief wanted for torture has been living here on benefits for past 15 years - 10th Sept 2011

A former Eastern European spy chief wanted for torture and kidnapping has been able to stay in Britain for 15 years – and live in a council flat on benefits.

Details of the astonishing case of Ilir Kumbaro emerged yesterday during an extradition hearing in London.

Repeated attempts have been made to extradite Kumbaro to his native Albania for more than two years but have been constantly delayed by legal hitches and technicalities.

Yesterday, during an extradition ‘review’, Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told that a second warrant for his arrest had not been granted by the Albanian Supreme Court earlier this year because of a ‘lack of judges’.

Lawyers said the same Albanian court may now sit in November or December – when the new warrant could be granted, allowing extradition proceedings to be finalised in Britain. Read More