Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wikileaks ‘accidentally’ releases thousands of dangerous cables which name top secret sources - 30th Aug 2011

Highly sensitive government documents have been published by Wikileaks putting hundreds of lives at risk.

The anti-secrecy organisation posted 134,000 memos online which included the names of journalists, human rights activists and academics who spoke to American diplomats and whose identities were marked with the warning 'strictly protect'.

The details of informants were never supposed to be revealed but were made public accidentally after a feud between founder Julian Assange and former Wikileaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

When Domscheit-Berg left Wikileaks at the end of last year, he took a collection of material, including the sensitive memos, with him. He eventually returned the information including the classified material.

However in an apparent mix-up, Assange released all the documents online including the uncensored cables. Read More