Friday, August 19, 2011

Ursula Nevin Jailed For Accepting Loot is Freed - 19th Aug 2011

A woman jailed for accepting a pair of shorts stolen during the Manchester riots has been freed from prison after appealing her sentence.

Magistrates jailed Ursula Nevin, 24, for five months last week after she pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods.

The Recorder of Manchester, Judge Andrew Gilbart QC, ruled today that the decision was "wrong in principle" as she had played no part in the disturbance.

She had been asleep at the time of the riots but was given the clothing by her lodger who stole goods from the Vans store and took them back to their house in Stretford.

Judge Gilbart said: "Ursula Nevin did not go into Manchester city centre.

"We regard it as wrong in principle that she was subject to a custodial sentence. She must pay some sentence because she knew where the goods had come from."

Ms Nevin has been ordered to instead perform 75 hours of unpaid work for the community.

The mother-of-two is thought to be the first person to have successfully appealed against a sentence handed down after the violence across England. Read More