Monday, August 29, 2011

Tilly and Roger Lamb deaths under Suspicion as Witnesses Come forward - 29th Aug 2011

'The only way out of the window is to climb out... or be pushed': Witnesses heard British wife arguing before she fell to her death from third-floor window.

The owner of the third-floor Moroccan flat from where Tilly Lamb plunged to her death has said there was 'no way it was just an accident'.

Majid Naimi, who showed a Daily Mail reporter around the spacious Essaouira apartment, said: 'The only way out of the window is if someone climbs out or is pushed.

'There is no way it was just an accident.'

An examination of the 3ft by 4ft window from which she fell makes a mockery of the police's belief she simply 'stumbled and lost her footing' in the early hours of August 17.

Not only would the bottom of the window have been at waist level when Mrs Lamb was standing on the floor, but a high wooden balustrade would have prevented her from falling.

Detectives claimed that the railing ‘gave way’ but there was no damage to any part of the window.

Mr Naimi added: 'The only way out of the window is if someone climbs out or is pushed.

‘There have never been any safety issues with this flat. Something very sinister happened, but there was no way it was just an accident.'

Witnesses have reported hearing a ‘furious argument’ before the British mother-of-four fell to her death, it emerged yesterday.

Mrs Lamb, 43, was seen lying fatally injured and semi-clothed on the ground before her husband Roger, 47, appeared briefly to check her pulse.

He then went back into the two-bedroom flat, on the west coast of the North African country, where their four sons aged nine to 16 were sleeping.

They were to be orphaned four days later when Mr Lamb fell to his own death from the second-floor balcony of a nearby luxury hotel.

The startling revelations emerged as police in Morocco were accused of trying to cover up the circumstances surrounding the deaths. Read More