Sunday, August 28, 2011

Talitha van Zon the ex-girlfriend of Gaddafi's son escapes rebels after they threatened to 'burn her alive' - 28th Aug 2011

The glamour model ex-girlfriend of Colonel Gaddafi's playboy son has told of the terrifying moment she was captured by rebels who threatened to 'burn her alive'.

Talitha van Zon had been with Mutassim Gaddafi just over a week ago as he calmly drank Jack Daniels whisky and coke as he toasted a victory over the rebels.

But the next day the rebels backed by Nato airstrikes launched a surprise attack on Tripoli and Mutassim joined fighters.

Talitha was ambushed as she tried to leave the country was forced to turn back and take refuge at a hotel.

But the Dutch model was then paraded in front of rebel fighters who chanted 'petrol'. She feared they would 'burn her alive' and then made a desperate escape by leaping from the hotel's balcony.

'I was shocked when I met Mutassim. He had changed,' Talitha told the Sunday Telegraph this week from the hospital where she was being treated for her injuries.

'It was the first time I had seen him since just before the February uprising. He had a beard, he was sitting on a couch strewn with automatic weapons, and he was guarded by unsmiling 16-year-old boys with sub-machine guns.'

Talitha said that on her latest visit to Libya, Mutassim's eyes were 'cold'. She said he looked capable of 'killing someone '. Read More