Monday, August 22, 2011

Syria's Assad warns against foreign intervention

President Bashar al-Assad has warned against foreign military intervention in his country, in an appearance on Syrian television.

In an interview broadcast live on Sunday, Assad said: "Any action against Syria will have greater consequences [on those who carry it out], greater than they can tolerate".

"First, because of Syria's geopolitical location and second [because of] Syrian capabilities. They know part of it but they do not know the other parts and they will not be able to afford the results," he said.

No country has yet proposed military action against Syria, but the US and EU last week called on Assad to step down.

Assad said those calls were not even worthy of a response, adding that he was appointed by the Syrian people, not by the West.

Assad also spoke about political reforms, saying local elections were to be held within months, to be followed by parliamentary polls.

"The expected time for having the parliamentary election is February 2012," he said. more