Monday, August 29, 2011

South Korean media highlight Noda's (Japan's New Prime Minister) 'far-right, militaristic view' - 29th Aug 2011

Major South Korean news outlets, commenting on the expected elevation of Japan's Yoshihiko Noda to prime minister this week, expressed concern Monday about Noda's "far-right and militaristic view of history."

Noda is "with a high possibility to visit (Tokyo's) Yasukuni Shrine as he holds a view of far-right, militaristic history (such as) Japan's A-class war criminals are not war criminals," Chosun Ilbo said in a dispatch from Tokyo.

The newspaper noted prime ministers and ministers under the government led by the Democratic Party of Japan have not visited Yasukuni Shrine officially on Japan surrender day.

"Japan will unavoidably have diplomatic disputes with South Korea and China when Noda visits Yasukuni Shrine," which honors 14 convicted class-A war criminals along with the nation's war dead, the daily said.

South Korea and China see the shrine, which is mainly dedicated to soldiers who died during Japan's wars dating to the second half of the 1860s, as a symbol of Japanese militarism and have been highly critical of visits there by Cabinet members in the past.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan and his Cabinet members avoided visiting the shrine on Aug. 15, the 66th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II. Read More