Thursday, August 18, 2011

Somalia famine: UK insists aid is 'getting through' (So why is everyone still dying?)

The UK will "not tolerate" corruption hindering efforts to tackle the famine in Somalia, a senior minister has said.

Andrew Mitchell said he had raised the issue with the Somali prime minister on a visit to the country on Wednesday.

He said members of the UK public donating money in recent weeks could be assured aid was getting through to those in need and would not be wasted.

The government has pledged an extra £25m towards food and medicine to help the 400,000 people at risk of dying.

Mr Mitchell was speaking after returning from Somalia's war-torn capital - the first visit by a British minister in 18 years.

He has warned of "a race against time" to tackle the severe famine in the country and said that without urgent action many thousands of children could starve to death. (more)