Friday, August 26, 2011

Sea Turtle Andre who bounced back from injury after 'dental' surgeries to fix shell - 26th Aug 2011

Andre, the inspiring sea turtle saved from grave injuries by innovative operations, has died weeks after he was released back into the water.

Loggerhead Marinelife Centre, which had cared for the turtle, said he was found Wednesday on Hutchinson Island off Florida.

David McClymont, the centre's president, said staffers were able to identify the turtle from a tag that had been placed on him.

He was in such bad condition that they couldn't determine what killed him.

McClymont said: 'The staff and the entire volunteer base are deeply saddened.'

Just three weeks ago, a raucous crowd of hundreds gathered to watch Andre crawl into the sea and swim away.

Onlookers hugged, wiped away tears and talked of the inspiration the reptile gave them.

Amid the disappointment over the sea turtle's death, his caretakers said the herculean efforts they took to save Andre — including several procedures considered animal firsts — were already helping others. Read More