Sunday, August 21, 2011

"A recipe for economic disaster"

Leadership is about self-sacrifice, not personal gain.

As Congress and the president debated the increase in the debt-ceiling limit, millions of Americans have been held hostage by threats to entitlement programs.

Equally as terrorizing, entire industries have been paralyzed by the lack of direction and decision from the government relative to regulations from newly enacted laws.

The unintended consequence of this foolhardy approach to governing sets the stage for economic disaster.

When fear is combined with the regulatory uncertainty, the stage is set not just for a double-dip recession but, worse yet, a depression.

It is easy when sitting in the warmth of your home to forget the travails of those around us. I would fire one of my subordinate commanders in the Marine Corps for deliberately creating fear.

Leadership is putting the country ahead of oneself. Leadership is about self-sacrifice, not personal gain.

The president warned Social Security recipients recently that failure to adopt a debt-ceiling increase will potentially jeopardize their checks. Such fear-mongering is not what leaders do. They are supposed to lead. The fireside chats of Franklin Roosevelt, the space exploration initiative under President Kennedy and the national highway system under President Eisenhower instilled confidence, pride and hope.

Fear is not hope! Getting the debt-ceiling increased is not the objective. The objective is to foster an atmosphere of hope, one of confidence, and one in which our citizens are comfortable to take risks by spending. Fear stops spending dead in its tracks. more