Friday, August 5, 2011

Police shoot 'gangster' dead in back of London cab after officer is injured in shootout - 5th Aug 2011

A suspected gang member was killed last night in a shootout with police which left an officer seriously wounded.

The victim, believed to be in his thirties, died from gunshot wounds in the back of a taxi after he was confronted by armed officers in a planned operation.

Sources said he was killed when police returned fire after the officer was injured.

The officer was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound after the incident in Tottenham, north London. Investigators believe he may have escaped more serious injury because the bullet struck his radio.

Residents said at least three shots were fired when officers swooped during the evening rush hour at about 6.15pm.

A witness said the shooting took place near a bus stop and medics tried to save the man’s life as he lay in the street.

One witness said the victim was an ‘elder’ from the Broadwater Farm Estate, a short distance away. Read More