Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pakistan Flood Rescue: ‘82 people evacuated’ - 23rd Aug 2011

Eighty two people have been evacuated by Rescue 1122 officials from flood-affected areas of Toba Tek Singh, Gujarat and Narowal.

In a statement issued on Monday, Rescue 1122 director general Dr Rizwan Naseer said Rescue officials have been sent to flood-affected areas of Kasur, Okara and Pakpattan. He said these officials were equipped with 15 boats, 13 ambulances, 42 OBM engines, 12 tents, 286 life jackets, 60 buoys, 60 life rings and three rescue vehicles.

Earlier, the director general finalised a flood preparedness and response plan at a meeting at Rescue Headquarters.

He directed the provincial monitoring cell to monitor the flood situation and rescue works around the clock in liaison with the Met Office and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority.

He said additional Rescue officials from districts where there were no or significantly low chances of a flood would be sent to districts where there was a flood threat. He requested the residents of these areas to take official warnings seriously and immediately evacuate the areas. Source