Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mystery of UFO filmed flying over motorway near where BBC reporter saw another disc-shaped aircraft - 19th Aug 2011

A UFO has been filmed speeding across the sky over a motorway - close to where a BBC reporter spotted another mystery object just days later.

The clear footage shows a white ball of light darting through the air over the road which is close to Stansted Airport, Essex.

Several orbs appear to dart away from the central light in different directions across at high speed.

The video was filmed on the M11 on the Essex and Hertfordshire border close to where BBC Radio 5 Live sports journalist Mike Sewell told listeners he saw a disc-shaped aircraft.

The cameraman, who uploaded the footage onto YouTube, can be heard saying 'Oh my God' as the white balls of light dart across the sky.

However, critics were suggesting that the UFO can easily be explained - it is a hoax. Read More