Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Murdoch reporter's devastating letter reveals cover-up at News International. Bosses 'knew about hacking and it was widely discussed' - 16th Aug 2011

Top executives from Rupert Murdoch down today faced devastating allegations of a phone hacking cover-up at News International, after former Royal Correspondent Clive Goodman sensationally claimed that the matter was 'widely discussed' at the News of the World.

MPs said they were 'likely' to recall James Murdoch to give further evidence to the committee examining the hacking scandal, as fresh information emerged which appeared to implicate a raft of top executives and undermine their evidence to Parliament.

In a letter penned by Mr Goodman in 2007 and only made public today, he claimed that hacking was 'widely discussed' in the newsroom until editor at the time Andy Coulson banned all reference to the subject.

The allegations could prove to be very damaging to Mr Coulson and News International chief James Murdoch, who both claimed they believed the hacking was the sole domain of 'rogue reporter' Mr Goodman.

Further embarrassment could also be heaped on Prime Minister David Cameron, who appointed Mr Coulson as No 10's chief spin doctor.

There are 20 letters in total as well as many e-mail released as part of a large bundle of evidence received by the committee in the last month. Read More