Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mother of disabled boy beheaded by father 'warned authorities when child was six months old, he wanted him dead' - 17th Aug 2011

The mother of a disabled seven-year-old boy whose head was chopped off with a meat cleaver had previously warned police that his father - who has confessed to the killing - wanted him dead.

Wheelchair-bound Jori Lirette was brutally executed and dismembered after his mother Jesslyn, 27, threatened to kick long time boyfriend Jeremiah Wright, 30, out of their Louisiana home.

Now she has revealed that, the week before Jori was born, she obtained a restraining order against Wright after he 'broke the baby's piggy bank' and 'shoved her onto a pile of CDs on the bed'.

Then, when Jori was just six-months-old, she obtained another similar order after he called her and said he 'was tired of seeing the baby suffer' and wanted him dead.

Details of the orders, which Jesslyn apparently allowed to lapse, were revealed in sworn statements she made in 2004 and made part of the official court record this week. Read More