Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miraculous escape for pilots as two military jets collide on Nato training exercise - 30th Aug 2011

Three fighter pilots had a miraculous escape after a mid air collision during a routine Nato training exercise.

Two jets, a French Mirage 2000c fighter and a Lithuanian L-39 Albatros combat trainer, collided in the skies close to the Zokniai air base in northern Lithuania.

The Mirage suffered only minor damage and the pilot was able to land normally, while the two Lithuanian pilots aboard the trainer both ejected and walked away from the crash site with only minor injuries.

According to Lithuanian defense chief Arvydas Pocius they had aimed the stricken aircraft towards an unpopulated area to avoid casualties before ejecting to safety.

The plane came down in swampland near Rekyva lake, three miles from the air base and there have been no reports of injuries on the ground. Read More